EMMA FIFIELD 


Social Project
Location: Barcelona
Group Project

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This research project was carried with the objective of facing a serious issue that affects our cities: the streets of most Western cities have been systematically designed to be waterproof, therefore generating an unnatural cycle of conflicts within our cities. Floods, temperature rises, or pollution are some of the big issues which are already affecting our cities.

We developed a six step theoretical process that allowed us to explore new ways of regenerating the urban context in a small area of the Poblenou district.

The intervention will be carried out in the area located between the Rambla del Poblenou, Carrer Llull,
as well as inside an empty under utilized green area situated among Carrer Llull and Passatge de
Saladrigas that is intended to be reused for public use. 

Six phases: re-naturalisation, observation, experimentation, strategic implementation, transformation, and observation.

Through these furniture pieces we invite the citizen to generate the transformation of the space from
a reflection of use and needs.

Communication campaign to promote the citizens participation in the process.