EMMA FIFIELD 


Social Project
Location: Barcelona
Group Project

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In most cases in our society, it is mainly women who dedicate their time to household tasks, which means that their work, and therefore their economic and personal development is unequal to that of men. This project attemps to break the existing scheme in terms of roles and responsibilities within the household through the creation of a collective social housing and educational project with a gender perspective.

The co-housing is conceived as a place for shared parenting and co-responsibility for care tasks both in the dwellings and in the communal spaces. This includes intermediate spaces, green patios, a community kitchen, a shared laundry room, as well as shared storage areas.

Reconversion of the existing  Albert Germans industrial warehouse into a co-housing, 5000m2.



(01) the opening: permeabilization visibilization visibility. 

(2) the overflowing of the covers: enlargement, expansion.

Each house is composed by three different living units. The combination of the units is made possible, thanks to the three openings on each side. This allows their communication, facilitating the possible enlargement of the dwelling according to the needs of each family.

The composition of the windows, symmetrical on each side, responds
to the idea of integrating the communal space within the house, while offering privacy within the unit. The patios are located in the center of the composition
and allow ventilation and proximity to vegetation.

The union of four living units offers seven different living configurations, thanks to the undifferentiated matrix that characterizes them as well as the openings in the side walls.