EMMA FIFIELD 


Research Project
Location: Barcelona
Group Project

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The window, which frames and partly limits our view of the outside, has the capacity to assert itself as a place, a destination inside the house to look outside without being seen.  As an opening to air and light, the window symbolizes receptivity. If it's round, this receptivity is similar to that of the eye and our consciousness. We are receptive beings, and it is through external stimuli and a personal sensibility that we receive and make the environment in which we live a tool of self-awareness.

With this sculpture I invite the viewer to interact with the piece by placing it at eye level and looking through it. A narrow slit on one side of the cube and a wider opening on the opposite side plays with our perception. Depending on how the piece is rotated you can have a narrower or wider focus on the space that surrounds you.

Series of silkscreen prints created from objects and printings of the painting The false mirror by Magritte.