EMMA FIFIELD 


Research Project
Location: Barcelona
Group Project

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The work developed is intended to understand in its totality the north wing of the royal Palace of Versailles paying a special attention to the geometry and repetition of the architectural and decorative elements which compose the facades, sections and floor-plans of the building. A complex exercise was carried out in order to reconstruct through documents made at the beginning of 1700, the representation of this incredible maze of rooms, cabinets, corridors and royal apartments.

The north wing is characterized by the chapel and the opera house both of great prominence, representing the most spiritual and playful part of all Versailles.

(1)Elevation of the north wing from the city - reproduced from Blondel's drawings of 1775.
(2)Central body section and north wing elevation - reproduced from Blondel's drawings 1755.
(3)North wing elevation from the garden - reproduced from Blondel's drawings of 1775.